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IEA CCS roadmap released

The email from IEA today reads:

“The IEA released this week its CCS roadmap at the CSLF Ministerial in London, and subsequently at the IEA Ministerial in Paris. The roadmap for the first time spells out a detailed scenario for expanding CCS from its current demonstration phase to full commercialisation and large-scale deployment between now and 2050. Some key findings include:

· There will be a need to put in place 100 CCS plants by 2020, building to 3,400 in 2050 to achieve the global goal of stabilising climate change at 2 degrees Celsius

· CCS will need to begin in OECD countries but then must rapidly expand to all fossil-based developing countries, who are anticipated to account for 65% of CO2 captured in 2050

· CCS is not just a “clean coal” strategy; emissions-intensive sectors like cement, iron & steel and chemicals; as well as upstream fuel transformation activities, will also need to use CCS to achieve our climate change goals. In fact by 2050, less than 40% of the CO2 captured will be at coal-fired power plants.

The full roadmap, as well as the accompanying detailed milestones folder, are available for free download on the IEA website here.”

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