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While I post the link to this conference site ‘for the record’, I do not see what the point of yet another blah-blah-blah CCS conference is. Perhaps some reader might explain – using the comment section below – what is unique about this event that would justify the CO2 hit of upto “200 people” flying there? Perhaps the Norwegian government is to annouce some new initiative? Given that ordinary registrations closed six weeks ahead of time, it seems (to me) that the “conference” is mainly a showcase for the speakers and little more than a long way to travel for the rest of us. Perhaps the proceedings could be web-cast and the slide content posted on-line (in real time) ? Thus the size of audience would jump significantly. Perhaps there could be a session on policies that deploy’s CCS, e.g. fixing (in 2010) the in-effectual EU ETS, instead of such bland session titles? Anyway, I think you’ll sense my impatience that time is being wasted with more talking when we ought to be acting to head-off the looming global climate crisis.

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