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According to ENDS, Council will formally adopted the new CO2 Geological Storage Directive on Monday 6 April, without debate. This follows Parliament adoption on 17 December and the normal legal and linguitic checks that are carried out on all new laws. The final text was posted in the Council register here two days ago. Signature and publication in the EU’s Official Journal will follow within a few more weeks. (To save paper, wait until publication before printing (i.e. on fewer pages)!)

It’s perhaps work noting that European summits (aka European Councils) are supposed formally only to set the “general orientations” for the Union. While in practice EU heads of government often also do ‘horse-trading’ at summit meetings, they do not do law-making as such, which under the treaties is left to ministers meeting in Council. Moreover, at each ‘reading’, foramlly Council may only act after Parliament has already done so.

These same co-decision procedures also apply the the ERP Regulation (the ‘5-billion’ budget reallocation), which is due be voted on in Parliamentary Committee (ITRE) next Tuesday morning and then in Plenary ~6 May.

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